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'Who am I?'Country/Feature
Niger is to my right. Who am I?
Chad and Nigeria keep going over my head. Who am I?
I jut into Somalia. Who am I?
I'm at South Africa's tip. Who am I?
I ride the coastline of Nambia. Who am I?
I'm above Mali and Niger. Who am I?
I'm hot and spread to the South Africa and Botswana. Who am I?
Sudan and Niger border me. Who am I?
I sail over Morocco and Algeria, but I'm wetter than the mountains. Who am I?
I'm the longest one. Who am I?
Mali is to my right, and Guinea is Southeast of me. Who am I?
I'm squished between Zimbabwe and Namibia. Who am I?
Somalia is my sister, and Ethiopia is my brother. Who am I?
I'm one of the big seven, and sit on the right side of Africa. Who am I?
I sit above Liberia. Who am I?
Liberia is just one country to my left. Who am I?
Nigeria is my little brother. Who am I?
Namibia is always under me. Who am I?
I start in Nigeria, and work my way up. Who am I?
'Who am I?'Country/Feature
I touch the Middle East. Who am I?
I'm North of Angola and West of Tanzania. Who am I?
Somalia is to my right, but I'm not a country. Who am I?
I'm by myself. Who am I?
I was artificially built by Egypt. Who am I?
I'm sandwiched between Africa and Europe. Who am I?
I'm above South Africa. Who am I?
I'm large, full of water, and on Africa's left. Who am I?
I watch Madagascar. Who am I?
You can sit on the edge of me, and I'm in Zimbabwe. Who am I?
I RANGE from Morocco to Algeria. Who am I?
There is a magnitude of rainforests here. Who am I?
Egypt is my neighbor. Who am I?
Ghana is on my right. Who am I?
Cameroon is to my right. Who am I?
Europe and I just barely touch. Who am I?
I'm the largest desert, and I'm in Northern Africa. Who am I?
I'm between the Northeast coast of Africa and the Southwest coast of the Middle East. Who am I?
Sierra Leone and Guinea are above me. Who am I?

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