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Can you name the significant events throughout history that happened on May 23rd?

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YearWho, What, WhereEvent description
1430This historical female warrior is captured by the Burgundians.
1568This country delcares its independence from Spain.
1609Official ratification of the Second Charter of this colony takes place.
1788The First state to secede in the Civil War becomes a state today.
1805This French general is crowed King of italy.
1829This caterpillar-like instrutment gets its patent.
1846This war against America has started.
1873The Canadian Parliment establishes this police force.
YearWho, What, WhereEvent description
1900This Civil War Sergeant is the first African-American to recieve the Medal of Honor.
1915This nation joins the Allies and declares war against Austria-Hungary.
1934These two famous bank robbers were ambushed and killed in Black Lake, Louisiana.
1945The head of the SS commits suicide.
1958This American Satellite ceases transmission.
1958The new host for the TV show Price is Right is born.
1995Timothy McViegh successfully bombs a federal building in this American City.

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