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Can you name the the significant events of 2004?

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DateWho, Who, When, WhereEvent description
January 4This spacecraft lands on mars at 4:35 UTC.
February 1This team wins their 4th Superbowl.
Febuary 4This social network site is launched.
February 6This type of terroist attack kills 41 people in a metro car in Moscow.
February 13This ancient city is hit by a blizzard, covering the city with snow for days.
February 26America lifts its traveling ban with this country.
March 14This Russian president is re-elected for a second term.
March 15This country withdrawls all of its 1,300 troops form Iraq.
March 29This organization allows Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia to join.
April 22The last coal mine in this country closes, ending nearly 300 years of coal mining.
April 29The last of this car brand from GM rolls off of the assembly line
May 1This union allows 10 new nation to join.
May 17 This state legalizes same sex marrige.
May 24This countries bans mobile phones.
May 29This war memorial is dedicated to Washington D.C.
DateWho, Who, When, WhereEvent description
June 4Marvin Heemeyer destroys many building in a this town in Colorado with a home-made tank (WTF?).
June 5This ex-president dies today in his home in Bel-Air California.
June 8The first transit of this planet since 1882 occurs.
July 4This country beats Portugal 1-0 to win the Euro 2004.
July 25This biker wins his 6th Tour de France.
August 12This New Jersey Governer admits openly that he is gay and resigns in November.
August 13This hurricane kills 27 people in Florida.
August 13-29The 2004 Summer Olympics are held in this Greek city.
September 13A Ban for these type of Attacking firearms has expired.
September 23This Washington Volcano becomes active again.
October 24This South American country successfully launches its first shuttle into space.
October 29This Baseball wins its first world series since 1918, thus ending the curse of the Bambino.
November 14This Secretary of State resigns and is replaced by Condoleezza Rice.
December 26This natural disaster hit southeast caused by an Earthquake causes havoc throughout the reigon.
December 31The worlds tallest building at the time opens in Taipei.

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