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The father of Gamora and Nebula
The leader of Latveria
Spiderman's multiple metal limbed foe
Huge devourer of worlds, who claimed Silver Surfer as his scout
The smartest man in the world, from Watchmen
The man who broke the bat
Purple coat, white face, green hair, off his rocker
Homicidal maniac+red symbiote=
This enemy of Dredd has four settings: Surly, Mean, Vicious, Brutal
A nasty guy who can turn almost anything into a lethal projectile. Played by Colin Farrell in the Daredevil movie
Dwayne Johnson is set to play this black clad villain in the feature film of Shazam!
A recurring enemy of Spawn who operated as a murderous ice cream man under the name Mr Chill-ee
The oldest and most powerful of The Phlebiac Brothers
Major opponent of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and leader of the NYC Foot Clan ninjas
He holds the rank of Sacred Executioner in The Grail (in the Preacher books)
Responsible for the displacement of the Fables (from the comic Fables)
The tyrant of Kalanor
This Russian mystic is a villain in Hellboy
This DC villain can control plant life, and often teams up with Harley Quinn
The guy who killed Superman

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