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Can you name the Survivor contestants who said the following quotes?

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'I swear on my two kids that I’m gonna screw you and Burton.'Pearl Islands
'Nobody wants to date someone who doesn't make the merge.'Blood vs. Water
'Oh my god… it’s me...'Borneo
'I am 150 to 200% happy with the wife that I have!'Thailand
'Did you or did you not, soon as you saw me, did you tell me that I had Aaaaay Deeee Deeee (ADD)?'Guatemala
'I said that the only way Roger is gonna win immunity is if it's a contest of 'Name that Perry Como song.' Or perhaps 'What type of prune is this?''Amazon
'In this game, you outwit, outplay, outlast people. You don't outbalance them.'Vanuatu
'He lies. But he also tells the truth, too.'Pearl Islands
'You guys want my chewed mint?'Marquesas
'This isn't, like, welfare.'China
'Chop 'em up like poop.'Cook Islands
'Guys, keep your sunny side up and suck eggs!'Philippines
'Come on! REID!!!'Heroes vs Villains
'I'm not here for the money. I'm only here to show people how easy it is to win this game.'Samoa
'You take care of her, I'll take care of you.'All Stars
'F*ck you, Brad Culpepper!'Blood vs. Water
'We could build a pretty decent shelter just usin' rocks.'Australian Outback
'Ozzy's not the only godlike competitor who can play this game.'Micronesia
'I dunno...'Borneo
'I don't know why everyone trusts me so much. In this game, I'm not so trustworthy. It may be the accent.'Tocantins
'He shut him up! I ain't never heard nobody shut him up before.'China
'I rarely leave my apartment. I rarely leave Twitter.'Caramoan
'Eat yo' rice.'Gabon
'I'll dive right now if you take Katie.'Palau
'Who's Mary?'Micronesia
'Seriously, don't hog the cake. I haven't had any food. I'm a little aggro right now.'Micronesia
'You can enjoy your last two days, you can quit, or you can jump in that fire; whichever is more convenient for you.'One World
'This was supposed to be a reward?'Africa
'I have no clue why she's out here, other than to just give hope to stupid people around the world.'Tocantins
'Back across the ocean...'Micronesia
'I'm keeping with my strategy of alphabetical order.'Borneo
'Brandon, I know you came out here to cleanse your family name. You're not doing a very good job at it. I'm sorry.'South Pacific
'Deal with it... Bitch.'China
'I won chicken.'Samoa
'I'm voting for Frances-qua.'Redemption Island
'We're not going back to immunity!... Tribal Council!'Palau
'Sasquatch is Crystal.'Gabon
'She gives me a headache.'Pearl Islands
'Push over a little unless you wanna make out.'Fiji
'Oh my God. I'm gonna have a chocolate ice cream bar in about one min... I mean ONE MINUTE.'Exile Island
'Kiss my ass. What a hag.'All Stars

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