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Can you name the Official NFL Franchise Colors (Current)?

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colorsteamyear made official
Dark Blue, Red, Gray, White2000
Dark Green, Gold, White1959
Aqua, Coral, Navy, White2002
Deep Steel Blue, Battle Red, Liberty White2002
Purple, Gold, White1961
(Team Name) Red, Pewter, Black, Orange, White2007
Black, (Team Name) Blue, Silver, White1996
Midnight Green, Black, Charcoal, Silver, White2003
(Team Name) Navy, Orange, White1997
Millennium Blue, New Century Gold, White2000
Hunter Green, White1998
Navy, (Team Name) Blue, White, Red, Silver1999
Cardinal Red, Black, White2005
Nautical Blue, Red, New Century Silver, White2000
Brown, Orange, White1999
Burgundy, Gold, White1970
colorsteamyear made official
Old Gold, Black, White1967
Black, Orange, White1970
(Team Name) Blue, Dark Navy, Bright Green, White2002
Black, Purple, Metallic Gold, White2002
Royal Blue, White1988
Teal, Black, White, Gold1998
Red, Gold, White1970
Red, Black, White, Silver1978
Dark Navy, Orange, White2002
Black, Gold, White1945
Midnight Navy, Red, Royal Blue, Nickel, White2009
Navy, Gold, Powder Blue, White2007
Honolulu Blue, Silver, Black, White2003
(Team Name) Red, Metallic Gold, White2009
Navy, Silver, White2002
Silver, Black, White1995

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