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QUIZ: Can you name the New Gods?

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ruler of Apokolips
founder of The female Furies
female fury who attacks using steel blades and whips
A sadist torturer who works alongside Darkseid
Darseid's uncle
Darkseid's stormtroopers
Crazy member of The Female Furies who attacks with a pair of energy claws
Big,hulking female Fury who attacks by stomping the ground
Junior member of The Female Furies
Female Fury who uses swords
Command leader of The Female Furies
Ruler of New Genesis
Son of Darkseid who lives on New Genesis
Son of Highfather and Darkseid's second-in command
Orphan general who was found and raised by Granny Goodness
Niece of Virmin Vundabar
Escape artist who was the only person to escape from Granny Goodness's orphange
New God from New Genesis who is fast as light
New God who was born on neither Apokolips or New Genesis
New God who works for darkseid-hunts down victims-attacked Starfire,Adam Strange,and Animal Man in 52
Member of The Forever People who married Big Bear
Member of The Forever People who operates the Super-Cycle,a vechile used by the Forever people
Collects the souls of fallen New Gods
member of The Forever People who can project magnetic energy
Female Fury who was rescued by her soon to be husband Mister Miracle

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