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Leadrer of The Birds of Prey
Possses sonic scream or canary cry power
Field Leader/Name shared with the daughter of Earth 2 Batman and Catwoman
Only Female Blackhawk member
Japanese swordwoman member of the Outsiders
Member of Justice League Detroit who can turn invisible
Member of Justice League Detroit who can steal the powers of any animal
Reincarnated thorughout each of her lives
Former Female Fury/Wife of Mr. Miracle
Mother of Cassandra Cain
Earth-22 version of Supergirl
Frisky feline foe of Batman
Orphan with metahuman bouncing(telepotation) powers
Can steal the powers of any magic using character
Suffers from a split personality disorder
Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown are just two of the people to take this identity
Vigilante who posses an energy staff/Resides in Gotham
Japanese scentist with light based powers
Government Agent/Old Rival of Barbara Gordon
Sonia Sato
Agent of the Lords of Chaos
Agent of the Lords of Order
Ghost like intangible member of the Birds of Prey

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