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Forced Order
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SynonymSong NameBand/Artist
(8+9-11) x 1All That Remains
Edge Luster and Absence of ColorAtreyu
Reeks Similar to Adolescence FortitudeNirvana
Concourse of Shattered FantasiesGreen Day
An Insignificant Quantity of EcstasyAvenged Sevenfold
There Is No Respite In Lieu of The HeinousCage The Elephant
Speculate What Is Subsequently AfterChevelle
SynonymSong NameBand/Artist
The AnguishedCoheed and Cambria
Along Amid The DiseaseDisturbed
Come To Blows By Means of Apparatus’Flobots
Every Part of The Region of The Body That Harbors My BeingFlyleaf
Prime Ape Apparatus For Twisting Nuts and Bolts LooseFoo Fighters
The Entirety of The Diminutive EntitiesBlink 182
By No Means Willing To Bestow You Away?? A Special, Secret Person ??

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