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Description or HintMovieYear
Comic movie about a group of guys fighting to keep their frat house.(1978)
A box office flop, a person from the class was picked on in high school and is back for revenge.(1982)
Three spoofs together(1982)
The classic national lampoon's movie with Chevy Chase(1983)
A girl wants to lose her virginity before dying.(1984)
The family travels to Europe(1985)
Third installment of the vacation series(1989)
Lady is killed for a microfilm, two cops stumble around town trying to solve the crime.(1993)
Seniors travel to Washington D.C.(1995)
Chevy Chase gets a little wild in the casinos.(1997)
College stud who has not figured much out in seven years.(2002)
After accidentally cloning a sexy reporter, two college grad students decide to educate the newly-created human and turn her into the perfect woman(2002)
English man competes in the worst sport ever invented(2003)
Based on a flash series of games(2003)
Two young men marry two old ladies to recieve an inheritance(2003)
College kids living the dorm life(2003)
Three high school teenagers who are obsessed with sex, but unable to obtain it(2003)
Road Trip to save a relationship(2004)
Guy waits for his girlfriend to be ready for sex(2005)
Three pathetic guys plan a fake casting call in hopes of meeting women(2006)
Description or HintMovieYear
A priceless stolen jewel is loose on the boat and everyone is after it.(2006)
Starts a women's hockey team(2006)
One lonely guy(2006)
His counter-part begins to live it up at college(2006)
In the future(2007)
Channel-surfing adventure through television programs and commercials(2007)
About Cavemen(2007)
This guy helps load your groceries(2007)
This movie was just awful(2008)
Healthcare has developed the perfect android doctor, MD 63 (2008)
Hockey Team with red and black colors(2009)
Not Clean(2009)
Awesome max(2009)
Falls hard for a girl and begins questioning his father's ways(2009)
Opposite of Clean Science(2009)
If the partying doesn't kill them, the vampires just might!(2009)
Another word for grabbed(2010)
These girls need to be killed(2010)
Clark and Ellen are back!!!(2010)

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