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Can you name the Broadway Musical by it's Supporting Characters?

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Supporting CharactersMusical
Dr. Dillamond, Boq, Madame Morrible
Ernst, Georg, Hanschen
Lucy, Brian, Gary Coleman
Daniela, Carla, Graffiti Pete
Gavroche, Montparnasse, Babet
Dr. Fine, Dr. Madden, Henry
Meg Giry, Gilles André, Ubaldo Piangi
Rodrigo, Mrs. Kirk, Mr. Brooke
Gemini, Panacea, Hysterium
Wolf, Steward, Mysterious Man
Judge Turpin, Lucy Barker, Beadle Bamford
Dan Schwartz, Carl Grubenierre, Marigold
Tiger, Pepe, Consuela
Enid Hoopes, Serena, Margot
Supporting CharactersMusical
Mrs. Strakosh, Eddie Ryan, Snub Taylor
Mordcha, Yente, Constable
Mrs. Pearce, Zolta Karpathy, Mrs. Eynsford-Hill
Amos Hart, Mary Sunshine, Mona
Wayne, Michelle, Little Albert
Woof, Dionne, Margaret Mead
Prudy Pingleton, Mr. Pinky, Gym Teacher
Henry, Bellomy, Mortimer
The Arbiter, Walter de Courcey, Alexander Molokov
Tricia, Vicki, Lois
Benjamin Coffin III, Evita, Tom Collins
Mary Delgado, Norm Waxman, Lorraine
Snoopy, Schroeder, Lucy Van Pelt
Victoria, Quaxo, Munkustrap

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