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Can you name the Harry Potter characters named after Roman/Greek mythological characters?

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Mythological character descriptionCharacter's Name
Chained to a rock as punishment for her mother's bragging
Created the labyrinth on Crete
The virgin goddess of the hearth and architecture
One of Rome's founders, raised by a she-wolf
Equated with the Roman goddess Athena
The only Pleaid to marry a mortal
One of the three Erinyes, castigates moral crimes against other people
Mythological character descriptionCharacter's Name
A boxer and king of the Bebryces
Female version of a hunter who fell in love with his own reflection
The daughter of Helen of Troy
The goddess of plenty in Roman mythology
The goddess of the dawn in Roman mythology
A Roman word meaning 'prophetess'
A Phoenician Prince, the brother of Phoenix, Cilix, and Europa

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