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Can you name the nicknames applied to these figures from history?

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Suleiman ISultan of the Ottoman Empire
Ivan IVTsar of Russia
Edward TeachEnglish Pirate
Johann Strauss the YoungerAustrian Composer
William IKing of England
Elvis PresleyAmerican singer and actor
Frederick IIKing of Prussia
Harry LongabaughAmerican outlaw
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus3rd Roman Emperor
Attila the HunEmperor of the Huns
Erik ThorvaldssonFounder of the first Norse settlement in Greenland
Edward, Prince of WalesSon of Edward III
Siddhārtha GautamaFounder of a Religion
Erwin RommelGerman Field Marshal
Vlad IIIPrince of Wallachia
William ShakespeareEnglish Playwright
Frank SinatraAmerican singer and actor
Margaret ThatcherBritish Prime Minister
George WashingtonFirst President of the United States
Florence NightingaleBritish nurse
Æthelred IIKing of England
Rodrigo Díaz de VivarSpanish military leader
Wenceslaus IDuke of Bohemia
Frederick IHoly Roman Emperor
Andrew JacksonSeventh President of the United States
James BrownAmerican singer
Louis XIVKing of France
Euclid of AlexandriaGreek mathematician

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