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Can you name the Go Radio Songs from their first lines?

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First LineSong Title
Wait this isn't me that you're talking to
And I could paint you pictures all night long
And I watched the Atlantic Ocean rise to meet New York
I hear you say the sun is setting and it's time to find belief in something other than a heart that seems to dangle from a string
And I've heard you noticed everyday while I've been here beside myself
Just a list of things I'd do if I could fly
And how does it feel to know your name is on the page
Let's take it back to high school gym class
And just in case I'm not just in time and I don't ever make it out of here alive
And I'm tearing down the walls I've made
First LineSong Title
I was wrong for the first time in a century and no one believe me but it hurt like a ****
Don't take another day away from me, cause I don't got many as it stands
Four in the morning and I'm sober walking through the rain
You don't have to be so scared
I found hope in the back of a closet
I'm building my own cell tonight and I will never make a key
Today a daughter with hug her father and ask when's jesus coming back
Don't go to bed yet love I think it's too early
And let's get to the point and all take our tongues out
And this is my last remaining filter on my last remaining word

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