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Name a Male Athlete that has had Highest Placing 2nd at the Games
Name a 2016 Event which was an altered Repeat of 2015 Games?
Who was the Highest Placing American Women in 2016?
What Team does the Fittest Man in History compete on?
What Adjective was used to describe the 2013 Event Nancy
Which Male Athlete Retired from the competition after winning an Event in 2016?
Where were the First 3 Years of the Games held?
Which Male Athlete won the Most Events in 2016?
Name one of two Women who have retained the Games Title
Which Athlete missed out in 2016 after finishing 4th the previous year?
What was the name of the Event involving Monkey Bars and Front Squats in 2011?
In 2015 Which Man won Back to Back Events on the Final Day?
Which Event did Rich Froning start walking in 2014?
Which Male Athlete has won both 2014 & 2015 Crossfit Games Team Series
What Movement could Mat Fraser not complete in 2015 Games?
Who is the Longest competing Female Athlete?
Which French Canadian won the Games in her Standout Year?
Which Athlete won both Row Events in 2013?

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