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19387 little people
1940Made of wood
1942Lots of music!
1941Big ears
1942Lives in the forest
1950Has an evil stepmother
1951Becomes friends with a mad hatter
1953A boy who never grows up
1955Lots of 'puppy love'
1959Princess falls asleep for a long time
1961Lots of dogs
1963A legendary Prince and a big rock
1967Boy becomes friends with lots of animals
1970Cats in France
1973Steals from the rich and gives to the poor
1977Lots of animals are friends in the woods
1977Two mice save a girl
1981Fox and dog become friends
1989Underwater life becomes a person
1990Two mice save a boy this time
1991Love in an unexpected 'person'
1992Magic carpet
1994Pride Rock
1996Set in a cathederal in Paris
1997Greek Gods
1998Girl wants to fight in war
1999Boy raised by Gorilla's
2000Prince turns into a Llama

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