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Can You Pass High School Test? Part I

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(Physics)What does 3.00 x10^8 mean to you?
(Geometry)What is the longest side of a right triangle called?
(Geometry)In a 30,60,90 Triangle, if the hypotenuse is 98, What is the value of the shortest side?
(Government)What is the key to prevent one branch of government from being too strong?
(English)In the Book 'The Great Gatsby', What is Jay Gatsby's real name?
(Chemistry)Please Name the following compound - NaClO
(Biology)What is the name for the type of bird that Charles Darwin studied before coming up with the Theory of Evolution?
(Spanish)What is 'To Return' in Spanish
(Wars)Who was the President During WW2
(Statistic)What is the name to 'α'
(Physics)What is it called when we use our right hand to determine the magnetic field or magnetic force
(Algebra)What is the name for 'Rise over Run'
(US History)What is Susan B Anthony Famous for?
(Trignometry)Tan-1 is also called
(Psycology)Name one of the three forms of ESP that psychologists studys
(English)What was the Novel that Harper Lee wrote
(Chemistry)Name the technique where a solution of known concentration is used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution.
(Precalculus)When you find a slope of an exact given point in a graph, what is that call?
(CalculusAB)What are we doing when we use the second derivative in a graph
(CalculusBC)The key difference between Taylor's Polnomial Series and Maclaurin Series is the________

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