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Name the biomeBiome Name
Extremely high plant richness especially in Australia and South Africa
Heavy summer rainfall, little winter rainfall, Acacia genus common
Found at lower elevations on temperature zone mountains
Annual rainfall 31 cm, range 41 C
Warm and rainy all year round
Very rich soil biota, land is used for grazing and agriculture
Similar to boreal forest but with wetter winters and cooler summers
Cold, dry winters and warm, dry summers, soil biota is poor in species
Western coasts of continents in middle to high latitudes
Moderately rich in plant species, VERY rich in animal species, poor soil biota
Belts around 30 degrees North and South latitude
Vegetation must be grazed or burned or else the land will turn into forest
Temperature range 7 C, annual rainfall 42 cm, moderately rich soil biota
Annual rainfall 23 cm, range 28C, low species and soil biota richness
Temperature range is 2.2C, plant, animal, and soil biota are all highly rich
Cool wet mild winters, warm dry mild summers
Forbs are common, plants are adapted to grazing and fire
Name the biomeBiome Name
Rainfall highest in July, dominant mammals are moose and hare
Interiors of large continents at middle to high latitudes
Replace thorn forests toward the Equator
Constant permafrost
Mild wet winters, cold dry summers
Similar to boreal forest but with wetter winters and cooler summers
Trees lose leaves during hot, dry season. Soil is highly nutrient rich. Temeprature range is 5.4C
Warm temperatures support photosynthesis in tree with evergreen leaves
23 C temperature range, 38 cm rainfall, low plant richness but high seed eating bird richness
Cold long winters, short hot summers, perennial herbs and small shrubs
Scarce rainfall mostly in summer, winter storms, temperature range of 9.5 C and annual rainfall of 15 cm
Range: 10.7 C, rainfall: 74 cm, moderate to low plant richness, rich in mammals, moderate amount of birds, insects, reptiles
High total rainfall exceeding 250 cm annually
24C range, 31 cm of annual rainfall, rich soil biota
Great seasonal temperature changes, increased plant growth in the spring
Expanses of grass with scattered trees in Central and Eastern Africa
Temperature range 7C, annual rainfall 42 cm, moderately rich soil biota

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