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Forced Order
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The anagramThe unshuffled name
Gravities win
Look hama
I won gym
Land army
On zaira
Choral train no
Vad ean
Thank toad or
Sun oil iaa
Mix once we
Jersey new (Really easy...)
Banks ear
Airfoil can
Kudos hat oat
Miss piss pii
Hi oo
Cut coin cent
Inhaler odds
Vet norm
Ranks as a
Loaf rid
A hut
Our miss i
I mean
Cool road
Ex sat
Wale read
Showing ant
Acing him
Asks an
Oh aid
Cutest ham sass
Tek nucky
On gore
Alba maa
Nephews arm hi
I go gear
Sylvan ape inn
Holocaust rain
Virgin ai
Cows sin in
Sense teen
I in so ill
Worn key
Moan ant
A hi wai
Aid in an

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