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Pokémon Anagrams 2

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The anagramThe unshuffled namePokémon Type
Sell upElectric
Ever sipPoison
Toy napFire
Rudest aidNormal
Go apronDark/Fighting
Cow itemsPsychic
Clean mesaDragon/Flying
Outraged meSteel/Electric
Nice aidRock/Fairy
Smells booGrass
Skin glowWater/Psychic
Attic earNormal
Jean grinWater/Dark
The anagramThe unshuffled namePokémon Type
Grey outFighting
We aliveDark/Ice
Holed sinRock/Steel
Is tour eggGrass/Ghost
Astral barkBug
Swipe lionIce/Ground
Age sinkWater
Skew loopWater/Physic
Creek tileElectric
Refer sortsBug/Steel
Mine areaPoison/Water

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