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Pokémon names will have their letters shuffled! Fix em all!

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The anagramThe unshuffled namePokémon Type
I loss soPsychic
Superb tollGrass/Poison
Hay mariaFighting
Ravel gelRock/Ground
Pee sonPsychic
Sound ratFlying
Hood munoDark/Fire
Ulva nixelIce
Rich machFire
Alright tooPsychic
Drench filetFire/Flying
Glad ragePoison/Dragon
Rut kissBug/Water
Noise hamFighting
Mono peelWater/Steel
Pew sapBug
Sell wowNormal/Flying
Carpet asBug/Grass
Gun aim meGrass
Royal cadetRock/Flying
Look artFire
Onion ridPoison
Army budGound
Parrot satNormal/Flying

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