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Can you name the Star Trek Federation Classes?

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USS KyushuNCC-65491
USS YellowstoneNX-74751
USS WodenNCC-325
USS RavenNAR-32450
USS HoodNCC-1703
USS BellerophonNCC-74705
USS AppalachiaNCC-52136
USS RelativityNCV-474439-G
USS EquinoxNCC-72381
USS PrometheusNX-59650
USS JenolanNCC-2010
USS PrincetonNCC-59804
USS BudapestNCC-64923
SS Santa MariaBDR-529
USS YeagerNCC-61947
USS PegasusNCC-53847
USS SutherlandNCC-72015
USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-J
USS SaratogaNCC-1887
USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-E
USS HermesNCC-585
USS PasteurNCC-58925
USS AjaxNCC-11574
USS AhwahneeNCC-71620
USS GangesNCC-72454
USS PtolemyNCC-3801
USS YeagerNCC-65674
USS LakotaNCC-42768
USS KelvinNCC-0514
USS HathawayNCC-2593
USS SaladinNCC-500
USS YamatoNCC-71807
USS ValiantNCC-74210
USS CentaurNCC-42043
USS AuroraNC-17740
USS Alka-SelsiorNCC-1404
USS YamaguchiNCC-26150
USS CurryNCC-42254
USS ThunderchildNCC-63549
USS HuronNCC-F1913
USS BozemanNCC-1941
USS ChekovNCC-57302
USS BuranNCC-57580
USS FirebrandNCC-68723

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