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To disturb the compose of; upset to frustrate by throwing into disoreder
To throw into disorder or diarray
Entierly without; lacking
A bitter verbal attack
Easily cheated or fooled
To cause (something) to lose its value or to have no effect
To gather or collect
Extremely serious or urgent; causing great fear or worry
An opponent that is difficult to beat
Extremely fat
Doing or requestiong much sitting; not physically active
To ponder; to reflect upon
Seeming or said to be true or real but very possibly not true or real
Cautious; heedful of a situation and potential consquences
A period of time when something (such as an activity or program) is stooped; a break
Very careful about doing something correctly
To make clear or evident to the eye
Very large in amount or number; plentiful
An in satiable appetite for an activity or pursuit; eager to consume great amounts of something
To accumulate over time
Capable of being touched or felt; tangible
Hot-tempered; quick to anger
Continuing or following without interruption; nonstop
An episode involving excitement confusing, turmoil, etc
Huge or gigantic
To make or become greater as in size, quantity
Full or supplied to the utmost; gorged
High-sounding but with little meaning; inflated or lompous
To extinguish; to put down or suppress by force
To invovle in conflict or difficulties
A timely benefit; a blessing
Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable
Pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity; charming
A place or scene of nosy uproar and confusion
To take off (something)
Cautious; discreet; exercising good judgement
Expressing personal opinions or beliefes as if they are facts that cannot be doubted
The living or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feekubgs; exuberance
The peak; the highest point
Full of intense interest or excitement; eager
A fight, scruffle, a brawl
To put (something) on
Clever or skillful in using the hands or mind
To be filled with intense but unexpressed anger; to sure as if boiling
A gradual weakening or reduction over time
A model of excellence or perfection
Expressing of rebuke or disapproval/ to express disapproval or disappointment to (someone)
to Distribute
The art of effective public speaking
To irritate; vex
Made, shown, or done in a way that is not easily seen or noticed
The act of teaching (someone) in a way that improves the mind or character
A man who contols a family, group or government
Lacking self-confidence; timid; shy
To slow the movement, progress, or action of (someone or something)
To make (something) stronger or better
The classification of a group of people according to ability or to economic, social, or professionally standing
Feeling or showing a lack of interest or enthusiasm
To cause (someone) to feel more cheerful or hopefull
To make (someone) do something by using force or threats
To discipline; to criticize severely
A model or pattern for something that may be copied; a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about
To remain; continue; stay; endure
Tough; stubborn ; not letting go
A problem or puzzle; a dilemma
Something someone is good at
Extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone
Objectionably aggressive in offering on'es unrequested services, help, or adivice
Excessively and objectionably sentimental
A dash of flamboyance in style and action
To put an end to; to decrease in degree or intensity
Not able to be doubted or questioned; indisputable
To stop short and refuse to proceed
Difficult or unpleasant to do or deal with
To get around (something) in a clever and sometimes dishonest way

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