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Do not ask to leave the class the first of last ___ minutes.
When leaving the class pick up ____ around you.
When the bell rings Mrs. Wheeler will _____ you if you're in your seat.
During class use the finger signals located on the _____ door in order to ask to leave.
In your agenda you will write down the assignment off the front screen under the '________' section.
Find you're gone for a day find your work in the file cabinet under ______ work.
Use any supplies on the _____ bookshelf without asking.
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Most of our time spent in class with be your ____ time.
There will only be homework if your don't use your _____ time wisely.
There will not be huge multiple choice or memorizing tests, but instead a large _____ at the end of each quarter.
___ % will be assessment (tests, quizzes, projects) and 20% will be investment (assignments, speaking participation)
At the beginning of each _____ there will be a pre-assessment.
If I make bad decisions, I will go to the safe seat, then buddy room, then _____.

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