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Can you name the words that start with H and end in O?

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City in Hawaii (4 letters)
Character in Hamlet (7 letters)
A type of sandwich (4 letters)
A vagabond (4 letters)
Until now (8 letters)
2004 movie starring Viggo Mortensen (7 letters)
A low mound of volcanic origin (7 letters)
River horse (5 letters)
Would love to see it happen! (2 words... 6 total letters)
Schick brand of razor (5 letters)
One of the Marx Brothers (5 letters)
Star Wars character (2 words... 7 total letters)
To cry with a loud voice, as after hunting dogs (5 letters)
Very popular Adele song (5 letters)
Famous Hawaiian singer Don (2 letters!)
Current NBA current player better known as Nene (7 letters)
Les Miserables author (4 letters)
Dr. Seuss book (4 words... 16 total letters0
A prefix meaning 'under' (4 letters)
_______ Sapien

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