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which member used sunglasses due to an eye infection in 'never ever' stages?
(easy) what is the 'bad word' youngjae wrote in the 'if you do' mv?
which mv has the minions outfits in it (wisely observed by jinyoung)?
who can be seen flexin' dem arms in the background of 'hajima' (stop stop it)?
which girl groups did got7 full-on 'cover' (sing, dance, clothes) in their fly tour (alphabetical order)?
if you throw cucumbers at him, he'll probably give you a disappointed look
members in order: fencing, bboying, dab, quiet, bookworm, engrish, dance machine
members in order (nickname ver): mad chin, dimsum, sunshine, peach, brownie, (surname) puppy and bambam (lol)
who is called by their family 'little cock' because he's born in the year of the chicken (lol) ~after school club~?
what does youngjae break in both 'hardcarry' and 'never ever' mv's?
what did defconn (weekly idol) said mark looked like because of his hair color ~that later became his nickname~?
what did jinyoung (junior) complained in got2day that jackson had with bambam but not with him?
(easy) who had serious spine problems and could not promote (for some time) or do the 'this love' cover stage?
when jackson (weekly idol) said he wanted to do an underwear commercial, what were the words he said as he laid on the floor?
what was their short movie/long ad 'sanctuary' advertising for (singular words)?
what did bambam guessed the stuffed intestines (looks like sausage) were in 'let's play with got7'?
which two members pratically 'kissed' through a food in 'kiss the radio'?
(easy) who was recently (31 august 2016) involved in a controversy for allegedly being 'fat'?
who beated irene's record of flexibity on weekly idol with 42 cm?
he said he checks youtube comments on got7's videos daily
he and his girlfriend broke up so he could debut
which member of BTS said he is trying to get yugyeom to learn bowling in a solo v live?
'he goes 'wow, look at those legs'. so i glance over and he's looking at his own picture'. who is this about?
who took off (aka lost) their shoes during 'if you do 2x faster' version (weekly idol)?
(hard) who pretended to throw up (jokingly) when a fan said 'i love you'?
which member of BTS did mark said contacts him?
which member was sick during the filming of 'if you do'?
who was worried about the group's fate after a prank involving a wine bottle (got7ing 'prank'ing)?

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