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Youre my slave, I got you under my skin
Money and power, I feel bad for adults
I hope you are ready for a fast ride, cause that's what we're going for tonight
Call me your ___ , ____ , melt me
I'll cut my hair short and forget about the past
Go crazy, jump, make a mess, shake it down
Such a beautiful ____
Everyone back away from her side
My heart flutters toward you starting from today
In those memories where time has stopped
Make it louder, more , make it louder
I have a lot of guy firends, but that doesn't mean i can't fall in love
Tears are your ultimate weapon
You driving me crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy for love
Do it like me, like me try to move my heart
Hit the lights let's go
My cold heart that has been dyed ____
I'm writing the never-ending story in my heart

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