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'Let's go steal a....'
What floor of the Wakefield building does the episode open on?
What is Nate watching when Sophie enters the Leverage office/Nate's apartment?
What is the name of the security system they have to beat?
What color is Hardison's jacket at the beginning of the episode?
What do Eliot and Hardison find at Parker's Central Square Address?
What is the code to enter Parker's place?
Who is the only one not surprised by where Parker lives?
If Wakefield is a grocery store, what is Godzilla
Who is the head of security?
Where did Nate first encounter Archie?
Who is the 'World's Greatest Thief'?
Who is Sophie's alter ego?
Jonathon Steed is which member of the team?
What is Archie to Parker?
What does Parker steal to hide among the staff at Wakefield?
How many years ago did Archie meet Parker?
What was Archie hired to steal?
What does Sophie do to create chaos?
What is Level 4?
Where are the laser trip wires?
Who is 'awfully calm'?
How does Eliot get to the CEO's office
What is actually written on the paper Sophie pretends is Hannity's resume?
What is the name of the security guard who catches Parker on the executive level?
Eliot refuses to have a conversation with Parker about what?
What is the only way to beat the Steranko?
How do Nate and Archie get into the building?
What is the name of the reporter?
What does Parker steal from Archie?

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