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Can you name the things from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep?

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Bunkers and Badasses Players
Roll for initiative, suckas! 
Knows what is going on 
I suffered for my geekiness. 
Wait, why the hell are we playin' this kids game? 
I totes planned that boss 
Aliah, Crono, Seth, Nazar 
You'll pay for killing King Ragnar 
The Big Bad Snarker 
...and his pet 
Raid bosses! 
Enemy Types
According to them, we are crunchy + good with ketchup 
Dammit, Brick! 
Stone and Metal will test your mettle 
Encountered without their horses or castles... 
Big on biceps, small on brain cells... 
Catch me if you can! 
They're just skin and bones....without the skin... 
Strangely, these don't have a lot of webs 
Look at that nice oak...Oh God, it's alive! 
Who needs magic when you've got guns? 
Let's see what loot we have here...WHAT THE HECK?! 
Smells like butts and dead people 
An enchanting little town... 
Don't get lost in these trees... 
Or these... 
Mine! All mine! 
Here, there be a dragon... 
A veritable dungeon of traps, puzzles, and loot 
This tower holds the queen...and a whole lot of enemies 
Fight the four, and hope you get more...loot, that is. 
The ancestor of Moxxi's Underdome 

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