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Can you name the Minecraft ABC's?

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Most efficient tool for chopping woodA
Putting clay into a F creates theseB
Type of enemy mob you don't want near your house/creationsC
The only place to find mossy cobblestoneD
Redstone circuits are similar to ______ in real lifeE
Block used to cook and smelt items/blocksF
Large white enemy found in the netherG
Crafted by three stone, sandstone, or planks in a rowH
Dropped by squidI
The game requires use of a mouse and a _____K
The material used to make the weakest type of armorL
Company name of the game developersM
Main type of block found in the netherN
The result of when running water meets still lavaO
The difficulty level you set the game to if you want to turn enemy mobs offP
A pig may drop this if you kill itR
Plant formerly called reedsS
Primary source of lightT
Most Fridays, Notch releases ______U
Classic, Alpha, Beta, etcV
Block used to craft itemsW
Put a dandelion onto a W and get two units of _______Y
Type of mob; passive until attackedZ

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