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Can you name the words that start with the letter P?

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DefinitionWhat The Word Is
This is what comes before kindergarten.
The mock-up of a future product.
The capital of France.
A green food that's on most burgers.
The chance of something happening.
Where you put money.
This ruins your teeth.
This planet was removed from the solar system three years ago.
This is an extremely popular brand of soda.
This is where people were entombed in ancient Egypt.
This is a short term for a practical joke.
The first version of this console was released in 1994.
This is called the 'magic word.'
DefinitionWhat The Word Is
This is a virtue.
This is what you use when you, well, paint.
This is a shade of blue.
This word means 'absurd.'
In Catholicism, this is considered asking God for something.
This is The Price is Right's most famous game.
This is where criminals go.
This is used to end a sentence.
This is where your head goes when you sleep.
If you do something nice, Bill O'Reilly calls you this.
This either means 'cute' or 'meaningful.'
This means 'trying again.'
This is a shape that has five sides.
This coin means 'one cent.'
This means 'the feeling that people are coming to get you.'

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