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Can you name the Important dates of Fall Quarter Civ??

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Age of Colonization
Solon's Reforms
Cleisthenes' Reforms
Persian Expedition/Battle of Marathon
Great Persian Invasion of Greece
Athenian Primacy
Athenian Expeditionary Force Sent Home/Cimon Ostracized/Ephialtes and Pericles Reduce Power of Areopagus
Peloponnesian War
Death of Pericles, Leadership of Cleon
Capture of Spartan Hoplites at Spachteria
Peace of Nicias
Expedition to Sicily/Siege of Syracuse
Oligarchic Coup-The Four Hundred
End of War, Alcibiades Assassinated
Thirty Tyrants in Athens
Death of Socrates
Battle of Chaeronea/Pan-Hellenic League
Alexander the Great of Macedon
Founding of Rome
Republic Established with Overthrow of Etruscans
Italy South of Apennines Unified Under Rome
Second Punic War/Hannibal Invades Italy
War in Greece, Destruction of Corinth...
Tiberius Gracchus Tribune
First Triumvirate- Casesar, Pompey, Crassus
Assassination of Casear
War Between Octavian/Antony- Battle of Actium
The Principate
Augustus Relinquishes Extraordinary Power to Senate
Death of Augustus-Succession of Tiberius
Military Despotism/Anarchy
New Testament Cannon Established
Diocletian Establishes Absolutism
Edict of Milan
Council of Nicaea
Battle of Adrianopole/Visigoth Defeat of Roman Army
Visigoths Sack Rome
Death of Augustine of Hippo
Deposition of Romulus Augustus by Odoacer/Disappearance of Western Empire

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