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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars- How Many Characters Can You Name??

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Has cabin parties
Police officer
Used to be nicknamed 'Hefty'
Spencer's twin
The blind girl
Her house has a fake grave for Charles
Alisons mother
Lies about the father of her child
The smart one
Gets caught breaking into houses
Kisses Spencer
Gets caught kissing Mr Montgomery
Works as a lawyer
Sleeps in the school
Makes the new family a welcome basket
The evil step sister
Works on the yearbook
Moves to London
Has an affair
Falls from the bell tower
Gets remarried and moves to Rosewood with his new step daughter
Had a crush on the mean girl
The girls get kept in the dollhouse on his families farm
Gets killed on the ghost train
Gets her wedding interrupted by an A misision
Takes over Mr Fitz's class
Hanna's boyfriend at the start of season 1
Takes a lot of showers
Becomes a cop
Original A
Gets hit by Hanna's car
Was engaged to Mr Fitz
Gets kidnapped on a help for humanity mission
Mary's son
Brings gummy bears to his date
Emilys girlfriend that makes jewellery
Sleeps with a cop
Shoots Caleb
Mr Fitz's 'child'
Gets engaged to Mrs Montgomery
Spencers mother
On the swim team
The mean girl
Had pink streaks in her hair
Mysterious brother
Spencers biological mother
The new girl moving into the dead girls house
Works at the country club
Alisons father
The hot teacher
In the army

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