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This is where the government run from in Australia 
This is a National site of Military Commemoration 
This is where some of the best athletes and sportsmen and women in Australia train 
This is a place where people can go to learn about Science and Technology through interactive exhibits 
This is the place responsible for producing the coins that circulate in Australia 
What year was the first Commonwealth Parliment house opened in Canberra? 
What year did Canberra become the offical name for Australia's capital city? 
Who submitted the winning design for Austalia's captial city? 
What year was the new parliament house opened? 
Aboriginal people had been believed to have inhabited the area now known as Canberra for how many years before it was settled? 
Famous People
This actor is famous for his role in Hawaii Five-0 
This Actress is famous for her role in the 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland 
This actress is famous for her role in The Man from Snowy River 
This actor is famous for his roles in Home and Away and Love Child 
This actor is most famously known for his role as Lock's lieutenant in the Matrix films 
Famous Prime Ministers
Australia's first female Prime Minster and held the term from 2010 to 2013 
Was Australia's 21st Prime minister and is famously quoted as saying 'God save the Queen because nobody will save the Governer General.' 
Australia's first Prime Minister who helped bring about Australian Federation 
This was Australia's second Prime Minister and was known for introducing National conscription 
Australia's 29th and current Prime Minister 

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