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Forced Order
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Rachel can see through the mist?
Silena was Kronos's spy?
Beckendorf dated Silena in Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson is a son of Apollo?
Annabeth becomes a Hunter of Artemis?
Tyson is a demigod?
Grover is eaten by Polyphemus?
Artemis is kidnapped in Titans Curse?
Thalia is turned into a pine tree?
Clarisse was a sister of Annabeth's?
Annabeth agrees to stay with Circe?
Nico Di Angelo is a child of poseidon?
Annabeth was kidnapped by Atlas?
Gabe Ugliano is Percy's first stepfather?
Luke was a child of Apollo?
Percy falls off the St. Louis Arch?
Rachel hits Kronos in the eye with a hairbrush?
Clarisse leads the quest through the labyrinth?
Quinitus is actually Daedalus?
Percy battled Ares?

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