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Can you name the answer in each Percy Jackson Related category that doesn't belong?

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ChoicesOdd One OutCategory
Hermes, Ares, Dionysus, TyphonGods
Athena, Leto, Aphrodite, HestiaGoddesses
Kronos, Hyperion, Charon, OceanusTitans
Lost Hero, Last Olympian, Lightning Thief, Sea of MonstersBook Names
Pegasus, Hellhound, Colchis Bulls, CatMagic Animals
Clarisse, Paul, Michael, LukeDemigods
Chimera, Manticore, Hippocampus, DrakonMonsters Fought
Annabeth, Clarisse, Travis, TysonWent on a Quest
Sally, May, Gabe, JanusHuman Parents
Dove, Golden Fleece, Trident, LabyrinthNecklace Beads
Rachel, Ethan, Grover, AnnabethFought against Kronos
ChoicesOdd One OutCategory
Tyson, Malcolm, Charles, PolluxAlive at the end of the Last Olympian
Castor, Lee, Nico, PanLost in the Battle of Labyrinth
Luke, Malcolm, Ethan, ChrisFought for Kronos
Hades, Apollo, Poseidon, ZeusBig Three Gods
Chiron, Argus, Alecto, DaedalusWorkers at Camp Half-blood
Zoe, Phoebe, Nancy, BiancaHunters of Artemis
Guido, Blackjack, Landon, PorkpiePegasus
Chris, Katie, Connor, TravisChildren of Hermes
Nico, Percy, Pollux, ThaliaChildren of the Big Three
Rachel, Ethan, Grover, AnnabethEe

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