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Organize the essay around similiarities and differences between two subtopics.An essay describing the differences and similarities between races.
Arranging ideas in order of importance. (Least to most important)When writing an arguement put the most effective persuasion after using less effective persuasion.
Start by talking about the ideas that are easiest to understand and then gradually move to more thought-provoking ideasStart an essay by talking about the differences between two groups of people and then explain the significance.
Put ideas and objects into a group or separate ideas into parts. Logical way of thinking that allows us to make sense of a complex world.1) Talk about the different wings in a hospital. 2) Group different foods into a specific category.
A way to describe a scene. Start with the little picture and then slowly move to the big pictureDescribe a scene from a bird's eye view and then slowly add more details as if you were getting closer.

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