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Updated Dec 27, 2015

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Misters Pink, Brown & Blue (in black suits) / Used their guns when they tried to steal loots / But something went wrong / The cops knew all along / Turns out Orange was in cahoots
One owns a gym that's a dud / Other thinks he's a muscular stud / They get into brawls / With red rubber balls / Nobody makes me bleed my own blood
This movie takes place in deep space / There're eggs all over the place / Most people die / Some of whom cry / And one gets it stuck on his face
A guy looking to pick up some dough / Hires Steve Buscemi, ya don't cha know / Who gets an escort (not a stripper) / Ends up in wood chipper / It's cold, and there's lots of snow
There once was a mischievous rabbit / And a P.I. with a bad drinking habit / This unlikely pairing / Were really quite daring / In saving the place toons inhabit
A chain of puzzling events began / When some nihilists came up with a plan / A misinformed thug / Peed on his rug / Hey, there's a beverage here man!
Man attempts suicide then needs a boost / So he moves into his sister's roost / How often do you see / A good comedy / That features both Nietzsche and Proust?
The story follows a man / A law-student who's driving a van / There's a mad Russian / And Worm's repercussions / But hey, he once beat Johnny Chan
Adapted from Mario Puzo / They likely drink grappa not ouzo / He goes to buy fruit / But Sollozzo's guys shoot / Makes offers that they can't refuse-o
He gives us a good summer tip: / When it's hot, milk is not good to sip / He wrecks Jack Black's hog / So J.B. punts his dog / Diversity's NOT an old wooden ship
There's a racist bucket of slime / Gets kids involved with crime / One gets put away / Sees the error of his ways / That curb scene makes me cringe every time
At first this lawyer's not clicking / Their murder charge appears to be sticking / But then he eats grits / And everything fits / But her biological clock is still ticking
Black and white schools forced to blend / A coach with a message to send / Come together this day / We've got football to play / The left side is stronger my friend
There once was a guy named Jake Sully / Whose life was really quite dull-y / But he gets a surprise / When his brother dies / People say that they ripped off Fern Gully
A new twist on a classic old drama / Leader causes a villager trauma / Wants to build summer home / On land villager owns / Need a hint? - Leader turns into llama
Three guys in a race to get rich / One knows the grave but won't snitch / Lots of show downs / In Old-fashioned towns / Hey Blondie, you're a son of a...
At least four drummers end up in heaven / One-time members of band: 37 / A stonehenge mistake / leads to a band break / But at least the knobs go to eleven
His life starts out very crummy / So he goes to USA seeking money / He goes from flat broke / To mountains of coke / Those are flamingos not pelicans, dummy!
A bride wanted a new life quite mellow / She was trying to marry her fellow / A massacre in El Paso / And Hattori Hanzo / She kills them all in a jumpsuit quite yellow
Two cops that don't see eye to eye / Try to catch a Cuban bad-guy / At sequel's end you can feel / That &%$* just got real / Marcus accidentally gets high

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