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Unfortunate result Book
Thermostat doesn't go anywhere near that high. Got 3rd degree burns just trying.
Almost got ran over about 50 times. Ever hear of sidewalks?
Scratched myself climbing a tree to catch one. Got any tips for killing it without having the SPCA on my ass?
Got thrown out of the mall foodcourt for indecent exposure. Eating in the nude apparently frowned upon.
Got a sunburn, almost eaten by a shark, and I think someone stole my wallet out of my shoes.
Got bitten by a cow, kicked by a horse and I don't trust those pigs. Place smells terrible all the time.
That hurt like hell, and now I need two prosthetic limbs. Typing rest of quiz will be an issue
Almost eaten, then hexed, then felt super claustrophibic. Three things I never expected to see in a room together.
Those goth kids weren't very friendly, and the real ones tried to bite my neck before I could ask any questions.
Unfortunate result Book
Misread title and almost shot myself. Dropped like two grand on a flight to Tokyo only to find out there hasn't been one for centuries.
It's freezing cold, there's no shelter and I think there's a wolf in these woods. Why the hell did I come in here?
I didn't find any freaking bounty and now I'm stuck on this stinking rock in the middle of the stupid ocean.
I'm only on year 2 and I'm really, really lonely. You want 98 more? Just kill me now.
Umm...which one? There's like a million in this stupid desert, I'm dehydrated and it's sandy as all hell out here.
Been looking for this stupid place for hours. I know it's all hush-hush but how about a map? What's even growing in it? Flowers? Vegetables?
Which freaking two!? New York? Paris? London? These flights are expensive, help me out here!
You know how hard it was to get gramps into this boat? Pretty sure I'm wanted for kidnapping.

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