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Led Zeppelin's original name
This bassist for another English rock band of the time came up with 'Led Zeppelin' as a name
The record label that signed them in November 1968
Famous airship depicted on their debut album (think about the band's name)
Only single off their second album, and the band's biggest hit up to that point
Led Zeppelin's only non-album single
Zeppelin's best-selling fourth album, going 23x platinum in the US alone
The only guest singer in a Led Zeppelin song
The song in which the aforementioned singer dueted with Robert Plant
The Led Zeppelin song which is the most-requested song on the radio of all time
The last Zeppelin album released with (the third question), in 1973
The record label created by the band after their departure from Atlantic, in 1974
This concert film chronicled Zeppelin's 1973 North American tour
Led Zeppelin's first double album, released in 1975
The song from this album which would have been a title track on another album
Led Zeppelin's longest song, an 11-minute rendition of a gospel song
This band member was injured in a car crash in Greece
During the rehabilitation for said accident, the band member wrote much material for Zeppelin's next album, released 1976
The opening track of this album, a ten-minute heavy metal epic
The band's 1977 North American tour was cut short due to
The city of Led Zeppelin's last live appearance in America
The band's 1979 album, which would be their last while together
This Zeppelin member's tragic death in 1980 at age 32 would end up breaking up the band for good
This collection of unreleased studio recordings were released in 1982 in an album titled
The living members of the band reunited in 1985 for this concert to benefit starving Ethiopians
A remaster of this hit 1969 song was released in the UK in 1997, the band's only UK single
Singer Robert Plant would collaborate with this bluegrass singer on the album Raising Sand; it would win five Grammys
The living members of the band along with Jason Bonham performed a setlist at the tribute concert for this late music executive in 2007

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