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Can you name the words that starts with the letters BA-?

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Forced Order
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not good
used to carry things
to restrict
place that sells beer
flying mammal
a type of body of water
the rear
to empty out
something used to lure
to cook with an oven
to bundle together
an ointment
what ruins something
a loud sudden sound
where you keep your money
the sharp part of an arrow
a poet
wood on a tree
the bottom
lay in the sun
low-pitched instrument
when you clean something with water
a type of pig meat
a sign of status
bread with a hole in the middle
a feltlike fabric
a redneck string instrument
come uninvited
a very influential person
a type of seasoning
a stick for relay races
talk foolishly
a type of monkey
to torment
to bewilder
the material on whales' upper jaws
a slow song
a card by which a vote is registered
VERY tall Asian grass
a yellow fruit
a criminal
to tease playfully
one who drinks a lot
a cereal grass
a large cylindrical container
to exchange goods without money
a hard, dark volcanic rock
a container made of wooden strips
a mixture for pancakes
a duel
a trinket
a marketplace
the same amount on both sides
a platform projecting from an upper story of a building
an inflatable rubber ball
meat or nonsense
what covers wounds
a feast
a mythic wailing woman
a weight used for exercise
a cheap price
artillery fire
a bass woodwind instrument
a type of power source
a rocket launcher
a kerchief for the head
a card game
an unmarried man
to receive the opposite of the intended effect
in reverse
to cook over hot coals
a type of marine crustacean
a building floor below ground level
the monster in the Chamber of Secrets
to puzzle
a game similar to tennis
lacking refinement
a large predaceous sea fish
a fortification
the picture behind the actors in a play

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