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Can you name the answers that fit in with the ISO code for UN members A-B?

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First husband of Pauline in EastEnders
16th president of the USA
Eponymous Ben Stiller role from 2001 film
Former South African fast bowler - 'White Lightning'
Not Jimmy, Donny or Marie...
Chemical symbol for silver
Caustic hostess of 'The Weakest Link'
Former member of Yazoo
Scottish football league team who play at Somerset Park
English Second World War cryptanalyst
Abbreviation for Arizona
Director/producer - famous for 'House'
Sung 'Diamonds On The Inside'
Brian DePalma film from 1984 starring Melanie Griffith
Former husband of Whitney Houston
Former president of Russia
Former manager of 'The Beatles'
Actor who appeared in 'Dead Calm' and 'Titanic'
Sung about his 'Uptown Girl'
The 'Iron Lady'
The world's favourite airline?
Batman's alter ego
American Football team from Maryland
River in Africa
Actress who famously insured her legs for $1m
Former First Lady and founder of addiction centre
Largest member of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

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