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WorkAuthorExtra Info
Monobiblosa.k.a. Cynthia
De Deo SocratisOn the God of Socrates
SatyriconMenippean Satire
Divinae InstitutionesDivine Institutions
Historiae Alexandri MagniHistories of Alexander the Great
OctaviusDialogue about Christianity
IbisInvective Poem
De Re CoquinariaCookbook
HedyphageticaEating Well
WorkAuthorExtra Info
De Raptu ProserpinaeThe Snatching of Prosperpina
Facta et Dicta MemorabiliaMemorable Words and Deeds
AchilleidUnfinished epic on the life of Achilles
De Lingua LatinaOn the Latin Language
De Nuptiis Mercurii et PhilologiaeThe Marriage of Mercury to Learning
Ars PoeticaThe Poetic Art
PrataLit. Meadows
Noctes AtticaeAttic Nights

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