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A form of Cabbage that can be Green or Purple
The Hindu Goddess of Time and of the Transformation that is Death
A Landlocked Country in West Africa that Borders Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire
One or more Buildings that Forms a Complex of Shops
A Round, Usually Spherical but Sometimes Ovoid, Object with Various Uses
A Percussion Instrument, Usually Cup Shaped
A Type of Trophy Used Primarily in Combat Sports
A Member of the Chenopodiaceae Family Most Well Known is the Purple Root
An Insect Repellant Brand
According to the Urban Dictionary; Form of expression or to show enthusiasm for something
A Rare or Difficult Act or Accomplishment
Plural of An Anatomical Structure Found in Many Verterbrates
Irish Slang Term to have intercourse with someone
Member of the Alliaceae Family
A Hole or Opening Usually Unintended and Therefore Undesired
An External Anatomical Structure of Birds
Common Name for Large Plant Seeds
The Second Easternmost of the Rivers of the Punjab, a tributary of Sutlej
Small Spherical Seeds or the Seed-Pods of the Legume
Forms in Wetland Bogs, Moors, Muskegs, Pocosins and Mires
A Past Tense and Past Participle of Pen2
Suffix Used to Form Nouns and Verbs
Technically a herb

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