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Which Disney movie shares its title with a famous sight?
Which museum, situated north of the city, is the most visited in Denmark?
The Royal Castle is called?
Who sang ‘Wonderful Copenhagen’ in the Hollywood movie about H.C. Andersen from 1952?
Where is Copenhagen Airport situated?
In what year was the city bombed by British troops?
How is Copenhagen spelled in French?
The Oresund connection (bridge to Sweden) was opened in what year?
Which company with a logo consisting of a white star on a light blue background has its main office in Copenhagen?
The local American Football team is called?
Where can you buy cannabis in ‘pusher street’?
Which football club has won the Danish championship seven times over the last 10 years?
Most of Copenhagen is situated on the island called ‘Sjælland’. The corresponding latin word is?
According to VisitDenmark the most popular tourist attraction is?
In the COBRA avant-garde arts movement, the first two letters represent Copenhagen. Which other cities are represented by the remaining letters?
Which element is named after the city?
Which boxer is also known as ’the Viking Warrior’?
Who resides in Marienborg?
The National Stadium is called?
Which institution was inaugurated in 1479?

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