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Can you name the things you should know about Norway?

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The King of Norway is named?
Grete Waitz won which major American sports event nine times?
Which Nobel Prize is awarded in Oslo?
The flag has which colours?
What was the first name of the famous painter Munch?
The currency is called?
The Constitution Day is celebrated as the National Day on which date?
Can you name the three bordering countries?
Stavanger is home city to the country´s biggest oil and gas company called?
The second city is?
Princess Märtha Louise has offered controversial courses in communication with?
What was patented in 1899 by the mathematician Johan Vaaler?
Which football club has participated 11 times in the Champions League?
Which polar explorer was the first to reach the South Pole and traverse the northwest passage?
Which Norwegian band had a monster hit with the song ‘Take on me’ in 1985?
‘Galdhøpiggen’ corresponds to what in Nepal?
Which two cities have hosted the Olympics?
Which word derived from Norwegian is defined as: ‘a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacial activity’
The population is approximately (in millions)?
The world´s northernmost university is situated in what city?

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