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Can you name the things you should know about France?

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Which French city is the official seat of the European Parliament?
If you want to eat snails in a French restaurant you should order?
Which French football player was shown a red card during the final of the World Cup in 2006?
The capital, Paris, is divided into how many arrondissements?
What is the name of the only car manufacturer included in the French stock market index CAC 40?
The French revolution started in what year?
Before Euro the currency was?
Who has given name to a psychological complex characterized by aggressive and dominating behavior in men of short stature?
The second city is?
The national stadium is called?
The French apple brandy, sharing its name with a region of Lower Normandy, is called?
Which existentialist philosopher declined a Nobel prize in 1964?
If you want to buy bread in France you should go to a?
Which famous sport event was first organized in 1903?
Which island is both the largest and one of the 27 regions of France?
The flag is commonly referred to as the?
Which Gaulish comic book hero has given name to an amusement park north of Paris?
Can you name the current president?
Which cabaret gave name to a Hollywood movie from 2001?
What was the first name of civil engineer and architect Eiffel?

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