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Can you name the things you should know about Denmark...?

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The capital is?
The official sport is?
The queens name is?
Lars Ulrich is the drummer of which famous band?
The currency is called?
The first name of the author Blixen?
The author of 'the ugly duckling' was?
Which garden is a famous amusement park?
Who was the first Danish woman to reach #1 in the official tennis rankings?
The region consisting of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway is called?
The biggest company on the Danish stock exchange is?
The national bird is?
The approximate number of inhabitants (write letters - in millions)?
The only bordering country is?
The official religion is?
In 1988 'BabetteĀ“s feast' bacame the first Danish movie to win what prize?
The second city is?
What kind of product is 'Lurpak'?
What is the name of the most famous toy company?
What are the colours of the Danish flag?

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