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Can you name the facts about Central Park, New York?

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Which Museum is located inside the park on the Eastern side with a main entrance by 82nd Street?
The Northern border is by what street?
The recreational area situated close to the middle, where many of the outdoor concerts are arranged, is called?
Which movie series features animals from the Central Park Zoo?
By West 79th Street you will find which museum?
The park opened in what year?
Close to Central Park West between 71st and 74th Street there is a memorial for which musician?
The official weather station is situated in which castle?
The Southern border is by what street?
A recreational area close to Midtown is named after what animal?
The biggest body of water is?
The landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted and the architect Calvert Vaux also designed which other famous NY park?
Outside the park by the South-Western corner you will find?
The highest concentration of softball and baseball fields is located north of 97th street in an area known as?
The Eastern border is by what street?
Who manages the park?
Outside the park on the Eastern side between 88th and 89th Street you will find which museum?
Who recorded a concert in front of 550,000 people released on a live album in 1982?
Close to the North-Western corner you will find which University?
One of the many playgrounds is named after which former member of ‘The Supremes’?

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