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yeah, and now ever time Drake-out, cameras always flashing tryna put me on the takeout...
next time we f**k i don't wanna f**k i wanna make love. next time we talk i don't wanna talk i wanna trust..
tell uncle Luke i'm out of Miami too, clubbing hard, f*cking women ain't much to do..
girl i know you wanna, you know you wanna. yeah, she keep giving me looks..
drizzy drake, check me out, coming live from the motherf**king north side..
told me everything about you, that's a old move..
take you to the six where i really stay,baby? Show you why i am the way i am
i can see it in your eyes, you're angry. regret got **** on what you're feeling now. mad cause he ain't like me. oh you mad cause nobody ever did it like me?
they say i'm old news but who the new star? cause if i'm going anywhere it's probably too far. just performed at a bar mitzvah over in the states, used half of it...
i'm leaving, i'm gone, i can't stay here no more and i can't sleep on the floor..
girls hate when n*ggas go missing, and shawty you ain't no different. these days it's had to meet women....
i touched down in '86, knew i was the man by the age of 6, i even f**ked the girl that used to babysit...
ridin' clean, with you on my mind and i'm thinkin' dirty things, yes Lord, yes Lord, yes Lord...
crazy how you gotta wait until it's dark out to see who really with you..
man i told my city, i'll be gone 'till November then November came then i came. right back on my...

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